CIS 6930 Seminar in AI Robotics

-- Fall 2010

Schedule: Friday 10:45-11:35 am
Location: ENB 337
Instructor: Yu Sun

Students who enrolled for credits should choose one or more topics from the suggested topics and select a time lot to present. Please let the instructor know if you want to present other topics. Each presentation given by students would be less than 20 mins. There is a 5-minute discussion following each presentation. The instructor will provide students reading material to start with. Please discuss with the instructor before choosing a topic.

Suggested topics (tentative):
Topics Presenter Time
Social Robots Nicolas Kourtellis Oct. 29
Distributed Robots Ryan Melfi Nov 5
Humanoid Purushottam Panta Nov 5
Medical robotics Cristian Castro Nov 12
Robot system architecture Michael Nachtigal Nov 12
Visual-servoing Shaogang Ren Nov 19
Humanoid Ransford Hyman Nov 19
Robot vision Bing Lin Dec 3
Robot learning by demonstration Yun Lin Dec 3
Aerial robots Zichen Xu

80% Presentation
20% Discussion