CIS 6930 Seminar in AI Robotics

-- Fall 2009

Schedule: Friday 10:45-11:35 am
Location: ENB 337
Instructor: Yu Sun

Several professors in USF will be invited to give a talk about their research. Senior graduate students are encouraged to give a presentation as well. Students who enrolled for credits should choose one or more topics from the suggested topics and select a time lot to present. Please let the instructor know if you want to present other topics. Each presentation given by students would be less than 20 mins. There is a 5-minute discussion following each presentation. The instructor will provide students reading material to start with. Please discuss with the instructor before choosing a topic.

Suggested topics (tentative):
Topics Presenter Time
Robot-aided rehabilitation Redwan Alqasemi Sept. 29 (ENG 4)
Medical robotics Kyle Reed TBA
Bio-inspired robots Luther Palmer Oct. 29 (ENG 4)
Bio-inspired robot walking Mayur Palankar Oct. 30
Search and rescue Mayur Palankar Oct. 30
AI, machine learning, Fuzzy logic, expert system Carlos Neninger Nov. 6
Micro-nanorobotics Vladimir Grupcev Nov. 6
Industry robots Anand Kumar Nov. 13
Robot vision Sridhar Godavarthy Nov. 13
Motion and force control Yun Lin Nov. 20
Robot learning by demonstration Caitrin Eaton Nov. 20
Robot system architecture, RT-OS Qi Hong Zhao Dec. 4
Haptics and teleoperating Karan Khokar Dec. 4
Calibration, model identification
Inverse kinematics -- geometric approach
Data fusion
Robot grasping
Robot simulation
Underwater robots
Aerial robots

80% Presentation
20% Discussion