For Prospective Graduate Students

Thank you for your interest in joining the Robot Perception and Action Lab (RPAL), I encourage you to contact me directly. I am always looking for exceptional and hard-working students to work with us.

Admission to our graduate program is very competitive. Besides the minimum requiements from the CSE department, I look at your transcripts and research experience. For international students, to be elligible for a teaching assistantship, you need to have a score of 26 or above on the speaking component of the internet-based TOEFL. Research assistantship is usually available from the first summer semester and it depends on your research performance.

You can find most of our projects at our lab's webpage. Since some of our recent projects are not listed, you are encouraged to contact me for recent updates. You can find more information about the CSE department at here. You can find the recent NRC ranking at Chronicle.