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Srinivas Katkoori

Research Interests: VLSI IC Design, High Level Synthesis, IC Power Management, IC Reliability, Hardware Security, and Embedded System Design

Current Activities (Fall 2018):


  • CDA 4213 001/CIS 6930 CMOS VLSI Design
  • CIS 4930 014 Digital Circuit Synthesis


  • Hardware IP Watermarking (Matt Lewandowski)
  • Behavioral and RT-level Obfuscation (Sheikh Ariful Islam)
  • Secure Embedded Processor Synthesis (Love Kumar Sah)
  • Memristive Technologies (Md. Adnan Zaman)
  • Deep Learning on FPGAs (Rajeev Joshi, Vishalini L. Ramnath)
  • Autonomous and Connected Vehicles (Noureddine Elmehraz)
  • Simulated Annealing on GPUs (Vinaya Malleypally)
  • Sequential PUF Design (Rohith Challa)
  • Behavioral Model Obfuscation (Balausha Varshini Kandikonda)
  • Secure IoT (Srivarsha Polnati)



[26 Mar 2018] Love Kumar Sah's poster on Architectural support for mitigation of software buffer overflow attacks recognized as a best poster at 10th USF Annual Graduate Research Symposium.
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