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Please enter all the information below to request for access to ENB 220 (also known as the C4 Lab, Logic Lab, CMOS Lab, Linux Lab).

You will receive an email requesting you to confirm your request at the email address you have provided. Please ensure that you provide a valid email address that you check regularly. Once you confirm your request, it will be routed for approval. Once approved, you will be granted access by CSE Staff. You will receive an email confirmation that access has been granted.

Once access is granted, you shall retain that access as long as you are a CSE-affiliated student that is currently enrolled in CSE classes: there is no need to re-apply for access each semester.

If there are any issues with your request, you will be contacted at the email address you have provided.

The entire process can take anyhwere between 2 working days and a week. Access will NOT be granted on the same day.We advise you to place your requests as early as possible-preferably on the first day of the semester.

Please contact Shanie Lightbourne in ENB 342E for any concerns or if you would prefer to submit a paper form instead
Note: Requests placed during the first week will be processed on an accelerated schedule.

Please note: if you previously had access to the C4 Lab, and your card no longer works, please stop by CSE Technical Support (ENB-344B) for assistance.




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